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If you came here locked in someone else's frames, you're free now. :-)

I've listed a few websites above that will be useful to writers -- -- has extensive web links to all phases of writing. To meet an exceptional person, who just happens to be a writer, visit Cara in The Prose Menagerie. Get advice and insight into the publishing business from successful writer Holly Lisle. And be sure to check out the June 1997 Electronic Slush Pile at Pure Fiction! for an excerpt from my novel, Sun Shadow. Many fine writers are waiting to be discovered in the June ESP--In particular, Philip R. Dunn with The Wrong Castle--an outstanding piece of writing...

July 1997

OK, I'm a new writer (don't ask me how or why--I just am), but I'm also accustomed to earning money when I spend my time doing something. Unfortunately, writing seems to work this principle in reverse--i.e. when a writer begins as an unknown quantity, he/she/it (this to include all the sexually uncommitted aliens reading this from somewhere in cyber-space) spends inordinate amounts of time (and effort) with perhaps only a small chance to be published and then for a mere paltry pittance. I'll probably get in line with all the other wannabees sometime soon, but right now, I just don't feel like it...

Now where, I ask you, were all these people willing to donate their time when I had my construction company? I could have made a killing if construction time and labor were as cheap as they are in this 'industry.' My friend Roach (Raechel Henderson), who is/will/shall be a great writer, was overjoyed when she made her first sale, but payment was so paltry (yes, someone is making money--too bad it's not 99% of the contributing authors) that she'd be forced to sell a story each and every day just to earn enough to eat. This is my opinion--she's still celebrating, so I haven't had a chance to ask hers...

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering about now just exactly where this ramble is heading. Well, since I AM the author, and since it IS my time we're speaking of here, I have decided to donate (rather than waiting to be noticed in the minimal reimbursement line) some of my original tales for your enjoyment. I have plenty more, so they won't be missed...You are free to read these tales, but I, of course, retain all my rights as author/creator....ohhhh, that's neat....creator....hmmm....CREATOR vs GIGANTOR

December 1998

Here are a couple 'NEW' tales I've been playing with... Sure Thing and First Impression. Click on Minor Diversion, to read a tale that provides Fate with yet another perspective. Oops, it's getting crowded here with additional fiction. How about a tale written for my very good friend Jenny called, What Happened to Angie? or a very slim chapter from my novel, Sun Shadow? Here are a few of my published vignettes, Fitting In, Let Justice Be Served and an Orwellian piece, Tight Security written only fourteen years past its due date. If you like my tale(s), drop me a line--I'm easy--and friendly--If you are someone who wants to shower me with money because you believe I have talent, by all means, get in touch, anytime.

April 2001

Ok, now that I've got a robot spidering my site, I've got to provide 'easy (HTML) links' to my stories else the robot can't find 'em. All my neato javascript links are totally invisible to 'Mr. Roboto'. So, here goes nothin' -- Get the real lowdown on what it's like to be a troll in Truth Be Trolled. Are dreams really Windows to the soul? What would you do if you were Harbinger? Some people run to stay fit. Find out why The Messenger runs. From those who have been there -- find out why war is the rut you don't want to be stuck in -- Et Tu Deja Vu? After reading that, you'll probably need a Vacation. But don't worry. Spring is nearly here. Of course, you can always hop a train to get away from it all in Last Call. Or supply your own endings in my three 'waiting-to-be-finished' tales. -- A Stitch in Time -- TAQ -- or Cleaner Man.

B.S. (Bureaucratic Support) note--Many of the twenty-thousand plus visitors to Castle Smoke have expressed curiousity regarding its elusive owner. Some have gone so far as to request (female) person even requested / suggested nude pictures after Mr. Smoke shamelessly bragged about his rugged, masculine, handsome, muscular physique. Well, when it comes to women, Castle Smoke's owner IS an animal! So, without further ado, here's a topless, muscle pic for his adoring fans. Smoke's Pic

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