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If you have Netscrape 5+, you have been sent to this page since I haven't yet updated my site for NS6. OK, we're talking about me here. So, I suppose the first thing needed is a pic. Ta da! To the right, now appearing for a limited engagement...ME! There. Now that the social niceties are done with, the real question appears. Like what's in it for ME (meaning, of course, you, the visitor)? *NEW* Rock climbing at Devil's Lake Wisconsin Below: Florida Keys pictures Jan-Feb 2003

First and foremost I'm a writer. If you enjoy reading, my tales are here along with other stuff like programming.

If web design or programming presses your buttons, there are examples at this site that you are free to borrow -- (since you probably will anyway if they interest you). I don't care if you give me credit for my stuff, but please give the other programmers credit for their ideas. My programming language of choice is JavaScript because it doesn't have to be pre-compiled, the syntax is fairly simple (once you get used to it), and the structure is limited only by your imagination. If you're like me, a working example is worth chapters of theory. So, here's a simple example.

Tired of getting spammed after robots extract your e-mail addy from your website? (Remember, not all bots respect your META tags, particularly if they spider for spammers.) The bot locates the 'mailto:' command and reads the e-mail addy that follows it. One of Javascript's strong points is string manipulation. So here's a function that gives you control of the e-mail information and assembles it elsewhere:

function noSpam(eMailTo, eMailSubject) {
   var mailer ='mailto:';
   var subj = '?subject=';
   var tail = '@youraddy.com';
   eMailTo = mailer + eMailTo + tail;
   eMailSubject = subj + eMailSubject;
   window.location = eMailTo + eMailSubject;

Ideally, you place this function in a separate file with the 'js' extension (i.e. 'myJavaScriptFunctions.js') and upload it to your server. The advantage of having the @info in one file is that if your email addy changes, you simply update it in the 'js' file. Note: You do not place beginning or ending <script> tags in files with a 'js' extension. You can now call this or any function in the 'js' file from your webpages by inserting the following code between your <head></head> tags:

<script language="javascript" src="myJavaScriptFunctions.js"></script>

If the 'js' file is located in another directory, you need to include the relative path to it. Then wherever you have a 'mailto:' command on your webpage you substitute a variation of the following code:

<a href="javascript:noSpam('smoke','Hi! The Sun is up!')">Send Mail!</a>

Note the single quotation marks enclosing 'smoke' and 'Hi The Sun is up!'. They match the single quotation marks that enclose the other parts of the email construct. There is a 'working' example in the code for this page if these examples aren't clear. Another string manipulation example is the function 'tableTop' which is used to construct the top row of this table. The function could have been written much more economically if Netscrape could properly handle 'document.write' style commands, but such is not the case. In order to get the background to display similarly in both NS and Internet Explorer, you need different code for each browser. Instead of writing a conditional JS branch in each table cell, you write the entire 'tableTop' using JavaScript. The function writes appropriate HTML code snippets for NS4+, IE4+ and 'other' browsers by extracting information from two arrays.

Anyway, you get the idea. If you're interested in Chess or Writer's Resources, I have excellent links to good sources.

Just got a new digital camera. Ok Nat, here are some of those pics I promised. Looks like I'd better double my workout *smile* Oh yeah, figured out how to work the images. Like me sandals? -- June 25th 2002

The color resolution is better out of direct sunlight

just me gettin some rays
gettin some rays
for those of you who do not believe I have a ponytail
me ponytail
smoke as captain blood
captain blood *har*
yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
whar's me ship?
a previous life as capn blood
cap'n blood the 1st
me first mate -- charles
me first mate char

Vacation Pics from the Florida Keys Jan & Feb 2003

Looking west from Kemp Channel on the Atlantic side of US Highway 1 -- size -- 42K -- Look for the small rectangles (one per pic) on the enlarged pics and pass your mouse over them for more info
Looking west from Kemp Channel on the Atlantic side of US Highway 1 (42K)

A map of the Lower Keys between Sugarloaf and Little Torch -- size -- 239K
partial map of the
Lower Keys (239K)

paddling me kayak in the canal -- by the time it warmed up enough to kayak, me tummy had grown -- good eating in the Keys *heeheehee* -- size -- 51K
paddling me kayak in the canal (51K)
Returning home after a good day fishing -- size -- 32K
Home from fishing (32K)

map showing the southern tip of Florida with the Keys stretching out below -- size -- 49K
the Keys below Florida (49K)
Expanded map (300 dpi) of Cudjoe & the surrounding area -- size -- 428K
Cudjoe expanded (428K)

Our 25' ocean-going fishing vessel -- size -- 28K
Our fishing vessel (28K)
After a hard day fishing, it's nice to be home -- size -- 42K
House from canal (42K)

Johnnie, the 12-year-old who lives next door is one heckuva fisherman -- size -- 41K
Johnnie's catch (41K)

Looking east from the end of our canal across Kemp Channel on the Gulf side of US Highway 1 -- size -- 142K
Looking east from the end of our canal across Kemp Channel (142K)

kayak paddling away -- size -- 27K
Kayak going (27K)

Kayak docked -- size -- 43K
Kayak docked (43K)
View of Kemp Channel from our canal -- size -- 30K
Kemp looking
outbound (30K)

Expanded map of the Lower Keys -- Big Pine to Cudjoe -- size -- 990K
Expanded Lower Keys (990K)
Gassing up at the marina -- size -- 45K
Marina with Kemp
Channel behind (45K)

Looking east from the house dining room -- size -- 47K
East from the dining room (47K)
Looking east from the marina across Kemp Channel to the western shore of Summerland Key -- size -- 51K
Looking east from the marina to the western shore of Summerland Key (51K)

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