Sun Shadow

by C.W.Smoke

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In a secret place of absolute darkness where the fabric of space is unmercifully warped and not even light particles can escape...

"Report! How dare you shift all power to Sector Omega? If you have tainted my plans for the humans in Sector Alpha, I shall use all eternity for your misery!"

"Sire, I have only obeyed your standing decree to concentrate all power toward any location if temporal resistance drops below one!"

"And did you break through?"

"No, Your Blackness! The drop in resistance was too short, but your influence has grown, and you have made substantial gains in Sector Omega."

"And you have consolidated my gains?"

"Yes, Your Blackness!"

"Why then have you not returned full grid power to Sector Alpha? Without power I was forced to watch helplessly while my greatest opportunity passed by as a True Portal first opened then closed. Now communication with my subject group has been lost! A millennium wasted! Where is my power? Answer me!"

"Sire! Please! We have encountered an intermittent natural phenomenon in a minuscule sub-grid of Sector Alpha, and we must wait until the interference passes."

"What impedes me?"

"Solar interference. Sunspots, Your Supreme Darkness!"

"Sunspots! Bypass the interference! I must have power!"

"We cannot, Your Blackness! Solar interference is one of only a handful of natural occurrences that we cannot penetrate. Sunspots must run their natural course before full power can be entirely restored to that sub-grid in Sector Alpha."

"And this is solely a natural phenomenon and nothing else?"

"Your Almighty Blackness! My detectors can find nothing else! Sire, I would stake my eternal existence on it!"

"You already have, my little Asmodeus. You already have!"

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