This story was originally published in Jackhammer E-zine

Fitting In

by C.W.Smoke

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Alphonse Rattlefinger swore a silent oath and clenched his fat fists against his sides. He breathed shallowly, trying not to make a sound. Sweat droplets formed on his forehead and slid downslope, stopping at his bushy eyebrows.

The teenagers were back. The same male and female.

Alphonse flicked perspiration from his knitted brows with one finger. His palm squeegied sweat and non-existent hair backwards along the top of his balding head, pausing momentarily as he concentrated, adjusting the hidden listening devices to pick up the slightest sound. He focused the concealed cameras. The silent cyber-vidtaper began to roll. The air quality sensors commenced their precise recording....two parts per billion variation sensitivity for ANY organic compounds. THIS time there could be no denials, no ridicule. Alphonse re-checked his equipment. He'd show THEM all why he should be promoted from surveillance to The Elite Force....The Mental Police.

Laugh at him would THEY when he tried to tell THEM what was really happening in these isolated, private chat rooms? Well, now that he'd lured two pubescent teenaged subjects into his special room, he'd show THEM. He'd show them ALL. The precisely gathered evidence would silence his critics, be his ticket to recognition and fame....promote him to his dream.

He pictured himself standing straight and impeccable in his jet-black, nylon uniform, twirling his yellow, blunt-ended stun-stick before the faces of misguided, sullen children. He would be firm but fair. Deviation would not be allowed. The children would conform as expected.

Of course, mature adults knew what teenagers of the opposite sex did when they were isolated alone together. Now Alphonse would have his evidence on tape. He could feel the incredulous stares, hear the praise, smell the sweet scent of power his breakthrough discovery would give him when he revealed what these teens did in the chat room.

They talked. The teenagers chatted. They conversed....but nothing else!

Well, Alphonse Rattlefinger, Elite Forces Mental Policeman, would fix THAT!


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