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Here are six knock down, drag 'em out by the neck games between C.W.Smoke (2442) and Conrad Goodman (2595) (1-1-4). To download the pgn formatted chess games (a) zip file click here. -- (b) text file click here.

New! I found Java driven PGN chess viewers that install on web pages. So, if you want to see our games or other GM games click here.

To the right, white to play and draw--this is the ending to our second tournament game and is an excellent example why Conrad (white) is a real chess magician--to see how we got to this position download the pgn formatted files of our games.
Figure out why this game is a draw

Coming soon all you kiddies....dark links in Smoke's Dungeon. Of course, you children KNOW that you're NOT supposed to visit dungeons--don't you? Why don't you READ some magazines in The Ogre's Den while your parents visit Smoke's Dungeon? The Iron Maiden lives in Smoke's Dungeon, and SHE JUST LOVES little children, but our exit polls from children, who inadvertently wandered into the dungeons, were less than illuminating. Apparently the children could not, or would not, discuss their experiences while in the Iron Maiden's embrace...Here at B.S. (Bureaucratic Support), we have noticed an extraordinary number of "No response," and "No comment," answers to our well intentioned questionnaire...Parents, be forewarned! Castle Management accepts no liability for errant or misplaced children. Special note: Please DO NOT POINT here!

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