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Welcome to Castle Smoke

As can be plainly seen, Castle Smoke, strategically located somewhere in the Blue Spiral Galaxy, was in desperate need of repair...

I'm not certain; perhaps a stray laser or maladjusted teleporter beam was responsible for the damage, but this is the scene that greeted me upon my return...


No need to wipe the construction cyber-mud from your feet because this citadel is periodically vaporized. We really do try to insure our guests' safe departure before vaporization commences, but please watch your step here at the gate! And don't look upward to greet charming urchins waving at you from the ramparts! Please ignore them! The children are 'discovering' gravity this week. It is only a phase. So far only two visitors have been lost to gravitational mishap. Ignore the children and enjoy your visit!

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Connecting Passageways

Ogre's Den

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Construction in progress!

This cyber-castle is being built by C.W.Smoke.
Visit the Library, Study and Ogre's Den for web links.

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