C.W.Smoke [2442] vs. Conrad Goodman [2595]

I met Conrad in the final round of the 1995-1996 AOL open invitational correspondence chess tournament. Fortunately, I had won all my games in the first four rounds and needed only a half point to win the tournament. Unfortunately, one of the world's best correspondence chess players stood between me and the prize.

The first two games are our tournament games -- one each playing black and white.

The next four were to see a) if I could beat him and b) if I was good enough to play on his international team. I passed the test (I even beat him once in Game # 5 with an all-out-katie-bar-the-door attack -- more for over-the-board play and not something that will work very often, particularly against Conrad), but somewhere during our games I got the writing 'bug' and had to drop my fifty-chess-games-going-simultaneously-all-the-time lifestyle :-} Conrad is far and away the best player I've ever faced. The final score for six games was [ 3-3 -- one win one loss and four draws ]. Maybe one of these days I'll resurrect some of my old 'Golden Knights' games and put them up here. I beat some pretty darn good chess players when I was 'Golden' -- my record was something like 43-1-1 before I curtailed chess play in favor of creating with words. I'm sure the mailman approved...(hit your 'back' button to return to the T.O.C.)