What Happened to Angie?
by C.W.Smoke
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* Part Two *

"Whishee, wake up! We're at the Guest Gate," said Tamarik, sprinkling a tiny pinch of blue dust on the sleeping zephyr.

"Huh? Wha....I ain goin'!" cried Whishee. "Hey, I know you. You're Tigger. How did you get to Castle Smoke so fast? Wait! Where am I?" And with that question on her lips, Whishee flew up into the air and spun round and round. Tamarik smiled at Tigger as they watched her spin. "Wheeee! I feel light as a feather. Hey, this is the Enchanted Forest. We're at the Guest Gate. What a gorgeous day! Wheeee!"

Tigger sniffed the air, rolled his amber eyes skyward, then thoughtfully gazed at Tamarik before speaking. "Wow! She sure is...umm excited. What did you two do?"

"I just gave her some happy candy. I didn't want Whishee traumatized by her claustrophobic experience," explained Tamarik.

"Hmmm. Last time I saw her like that, she had just come back from explorin' some nooks and crannies," said Tigger. "I suppose you'll be wantin' to speak to Angie and Sunbeam. We got that section of the forest cordoned off, but you can head right up the path. Better take Whishee with. I'll join you soon as my relief gets here. See ya!"

"Could you get off guard duty for awhile? I could use you for my investigation," said Tamarik.

"I'll put in a request chit immediately," replied Tigger with an excited bounce. "An investigation. Too cool!" And he began humming, "Volcano Grrls," by the grrly band, Veruca Salt, while accompanying himself on air guitar ala Jimi Hendrix. The scent of hot Thracian blood permeated the air.

"Let's go, Whishee," Said Tamarik. "I need you." He set off along the hilly path at a brisk walk.

Whishee came along haphazardly, sometimes darting ahead and doing playful loop-the-loops between the tree branches that arched over the Enchanted Path.

The trees twittered their leaves, rippling briskly as Tamarik passed by. The Enchanted Forest thirstily quaffed airborne traces of hot Thracian blood, wiping its many gaping green maws with the backs of leafy branches when Tamarik moved on, leaving a rustling, glistening, invigorated forest in his wake.

Tamarik bobbed along on the up-and-down path for at least ten minutes with the Enchanted Forest rippling around him as if he were a summer breeze. When he crested the steepest hill, he nearly ran into Sunbeam, Sylvester Squirrel, and the tall trees all bent over, gathered in a tight circle. High above, the green grapevines strained, twisting torturously among the tree's bent branches, for a better look. The entire group was staring down at something on the ground.

For Sylvester with his hind feet firmly anchored to the forest floor to be able to look down at ANYthing, meant that the thing in question must have been VERY close to the ground because, although Sylvester would NEVER admit it, HE was severely height-challenged. Yes, Sylvester Squirrel WAS seriously short, but height doesn't measure heart. If it did, Sylvester's head would be up among the treetops.

"Move back! Give her air." Sylvester admonished the trees and grapevines as Tamarik and Whishee arrived amid a twittering, energetically swishing swirl.

"How is Angie?" asked Tamarik. "Is she all right?"

"All right?" demanded Sylvester, raising his eyebrows and twitching his bushy tail back and forth. "See for yourself! Move back. Let Tamarik through!"

Tamarik and Whishee edged closer.

"Hello Tamarik. Hello Whishee," whispered Angie hoarsely, greeting them with a weak smile as she tilted forward to see her visitors.

ALL Angie's purple petals were encased in magically fashioned, transparent metal casts and were held suspended by wires attached to each other and the bent tree branches above. Her magic casts clinked melodiously, bumping into each other as she strained forward, an intricately fashioned wind-chime, awaiting only an errant breeze to set purple petals in motion. A wide, plastic tube with a curved rim surrounded her stem and leaves, holding her upright. Intravenous flower fluids flowed into a taped, diagonal cut in her stem just below her petals. Another plastic tube filled with flowing fluid disappeared into the ground near Angie's roots.

"What happened?" asked Tamarik.

Sunbeam quickly inserted herself between Tamarik and Angie. "WELL, it's ABOUT TIME YOU got here. Master Dio said that I'M supposed to tell YOU what happened," answered Sunbeam. "DON'T get too close. SHE can't talk, and YOU have GERMS."

"Before you tell us your story, is Angie going to be all right?" asked Tamarik.

"Sissy Surgeon says that Angie will probably heal OK, but that there may be EMOTIONAL scars," said Sunbeam.

"Emotional scars?" echoed Whishee.

"Hey, zephyr, you EVER been squish-squashed by a giant troll?" retorted Sunbeam. "I'LL say EMOTIONAL scars! She was JUST minding her own business, when wham, bam, no-thank-you, ma'am..."

"Get well soon," said Tamarik, ducking quickly to one side and waving to Angie who smiled weakly back.

Whishee flew up into the air and waved to Angie. "Hope you're feelin' better quick," said the zephyr, darting away as Sunbeam tried to intercede.

"It's OK, SB. Everyone here is my friend," whispered Angie, but then she began crying softly. Her metal casts bumped together tinkling softly with each new sob. "Why did he do it? I didn't try to hurt him. I would never hurt anyone." Flower tears fell in profusion as Angie let loose with a gully-washer.

Sunbeam glared at Tamarik and Whishee as she and Sylvester rushed to Angie's side. "Now see what YOU did?" cried Sunbeam, petting Angie, trying to soothe her. Sylvester tipped a half-filled water goblet to Angie's lips. The trees twittered their leaves reassuringly.

"Angie," said Tamarik. "Master Dio sent me to ask if you need anything. He misses your cheerful smile and wishes you a speedy recovery. What may I do to assist you?"

"Can you make me happy again?" asked Angie with a sniffle and faint tinkle. "Because right now, I just....I just want to die!" And a new flood of tears flowed forth.

Before Sunbeam could intercede, Tamarik said, "Your friends and I will do everything we can to make you happy again, I promise." Everyone in the tight circle looked at Angie and silently nodded their assent. "Try to get some rest, Angie. I need to talk to everyone who witnessed the attack. You first, Sunbeam. Let's adjourn to that clearing." Tamarik motioned with his arm toward a sunlit clearing about fifty feet distant.

When Tamarik raised his arm over his head, a strange, exhilarating burst of energy engulfed the small circle of onlookers. Angie noticed too. Her pistils puckered, and her tears dried. The sun suddenly seemed brighter, the forest foliage greener. Intriguing new scents filled the air, and Angie even began to smile. Her petals chimed. Yes, hot Thracian blood WAS loose here.

While Tamarik interviewed witnesses, Tigger strolled up the path and visited with Angie. Just as the last witness turned to leave the sunlit clearing, Tamarik saw Tigger talking with Angie and waved him over. Tigger whispered to Angie, "I'm gonna be a detective. Me and Tamarik are gonna get to the bottom of this."

Angie smiled and said, "Tigger, you ARE sweet, but a troll crushed me. What else is there?"

"Ummm, I dunno, but Tamarik said HE needed ME for the investigation," countered Tigger. "And everybody knows that there can be no investigation without detectives, so, for sure, that's what I'm gonna be, a detective. Don't you worry, Angie. We're gonna catch that troll, and when we do..."

"Tigger, I need you," called Tamarik. He stood and waved Tigger toward him.

"See? What'd I tell you?" asked Tigger. "HE needs ME. Get well real quick, Angie. You know I luvya, but I gotta go." He waved goodbye and bounced his way over to Tamarik. "OK, boss. I am officially attached to your investigation. So what do you want me to detect?"


"Yeah, I'm ready to be a detective. When do I start? Do I get a badge?"

"Oh, a detective. Ummm, I had another task in mind for you," replied Tamarik, looking Tigger right in the eye.

Tigger exhaled sharply, his shoulders slumped, and he looked quickly at the ground, refusing to meet Tamarik's gaze.

"Tigger," said Tamarik. "I need you for a much more important job. How would you like to be my chief undercover operative?"

The big tiger breathed a noticeable sigh of relief, stood up straight, eyes forward, shoulders back, and saluted crisply. "Undercover operative Tigger B. Tiger reporting for duty, Captain!" he exclaimed, snapping back to attention.

"At ease, my friend," smiled Tamarik. "The army we served in has long been pensioned and pastured. Relax. I need you for the most important and difficult task in this investigation."

"I am yours to command," replied Tigger.

"Excellent! Your task is to find the troll that injured Angie."

"With pleasure, and then?"

"You must befriend him."

"What?" demanded Tigger. "You mean behead him, don't you?"

"No, befriend him and remain with him until you receive further instructions from me. I said your task will be the most difficult, and for that reason, I will explain."

"I'm all ears, sir," replied Tigger, simultaneously turning both rounded, furry ears toward Tamarik as only real cats can do.

"What I tell you now is between you, me, and Master Dio," explained Tamarik, putting his arm around Tigger's broad, striped shoulders, drawing him close and whispering in his left ear. "First, I cannot punish the troll for being a troll even though he apparently went out of his way to harm Angie. Second, I detect another, sinister hand in these matters that I shall personally investigate. You find the troll, discover his role in this, then sit on him until I tell you different. Now, what did you notice when you spoke to Angie?"

"Her spirit is damaged. I don't know if she'll EVER be OK," replied Tigger.

"Yes, I noticed the same thing," said Tamarik. "Whishee!" he called, raising his voice to be heard. "Get out of those treetops, and come down here right now, please."

"Oh, but I was having so much fun," replied Whishee, swooping down at breakneck speed and halting abruptly, wobbling, balanced precariously on one zephyr-big-toe beside Tamarik. "Why do I suddenly feel so tired?"

"You've had a hard day, Whishee," said Tamarik. "But before you rest, please carry a message to Master Dio. Tell him we'll need the prince. He'll know who I mean. Report back to me. I'll wait for you at the Guest Gate. Then you're finished with me till tomorrow. Got that?"

"You betcha," said Whishee, and she swished up, down, around and about gathering Tamarik's words before disappearing in a puff of silver zephyr dust.

"Tigger, make yourself scarce while you're searching for that troll, and don't tell anyone else that you're working with me," said Tamarik. "I'll cover for you with Angie. Now, off with you."

Tigger quickly spoke to the trees and the green grapevines. Then he took off loping with a bouncing gait, cutting cross-country across the Enchanted Forest. When Tigger disappeared into the woods, Tamarik swirled his silver cape and also disappeared in a twinkling swirl of silver powder. Unseen he may have been, but the trees along the path rippled and twittered all the way back to the Guest Gate.

* * *

Later that afternoon as Sunbeam and Sylvester hovered over Angie, trying to make her comfortable, a tall, brown-haired stranger crested the hill and waved to the small group. Everyone strained to see the strange traveller because apparently the only garb he wore was a short wooden barrel supported by a pair of bright red suspenders draped over his bare shoulders. The barrel covered the lanky stranger from lower chest to mid-thigh.

"Could someone help me?" asked the stranger with a sheepish grin. "I think I'm lost."

"Well, THAT has to be a FIRST," said Sunbeam with a stage whisper. "A MAN who ADMITS he's lost. Do NOT come ANY closer, stranger. YOU are NOT properly dressed, and there are LADIES present."

"I apologize for my garb, ladies, but last night I celebrated the full moon with some friendly gypsies, and when I awoke this morning with a splitting headache, the gypsies, my horse and my clothes were gone. I am certain there must have been some emergency or misunderstanding because no one I know would ever depart without saying farewell. Bad form, that."

Angie couldn't help herself. She WAS giggling, yes, giggling uncontrollably. Her metal casts quivered, bumping into each other and tinkling melodiously.

"YOU STOP THAT, stranger! My friend WILL break a stitch!" exclaimed Sunbeam. Can't you see she's injured?"

"I beg your forgiveness, ladies. But MY words do not strike ME as funny," replied the stranger. "If you woke up with a headache and just your underwear....Oops, forgive my language, ladies....But I fail to see the humor."

Sunbeam tried to restrain Angie, but she burst out with a round belly-laugh which was very difficult because Angie had no belly to laugh with, devoid as she was of that particular gastronomic organ. Unchecked, her purple casts jangled together in palpitating harmony.

Apparently undaunted, the stranger continued. "A gentleman at the Guest Gate was kind enough to lend me this rain barrel and suspenders. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Prince Alfredric."

Sunbeam glared at the stranger. "Prince? HA! Prince of WHAT? This is NOT a nudist colony. DO NOT come ANY closer."

"I'm afraid you are right. Right now, I am the prince of nothing," replied the prince, standing his ground with impatient bare feet. "My father, King Albert has sent me on a quest. The nice man at the Guest Gate said that I would find what I seek along the Enchanted Path."

"I said, DON'T come ANY closer," warned Sunbeam, inserting herself again between Angie and a visitor as the prince advanced an awkward half-step. "Obviously, what YOU seek is NOT here. WE are taking care of OUR injured friend. Laughing, as YOU can EASILY see, IS unhealthy for Angie."

"What happened? Are you all right?" asked the prince, somehow ducking around Sunbeam and waving to Angie.

"I warned you!" exclaimed Sunbeam, kicking the prince's feet out from under him, toppling him and his rain barrel. The barrel and prince landed upside-down, the prince's head and shoulders wedged tightly into an enchanted gopher-hole, his bare legs sticking straight up through the barrel, kicking wildly at the sky. His pink under-shorts, the ones covered with the red, white-polka-dotted hearts, protruded above the barrel and fluttered in the breeze.

Another belly-laugh, punctuated by a tinkling wind-chime crescendo, erupted from Angie as the frantically kicking, upside-down, gopher-holed prince toppled himself and the rain barrel. Prince and barrel rolled downhill, gaining momentum until crashing loudly into a nearby tree. The offended tree twittered at the prince as he exited his barrel, righted himself, and faced Angie.

"I apologize, fair prince Alfredric, for laughing at your misfortune...." began Angie, but another gaggle of giggles and torrent of tinkles stole her breath and drowned her words.

"Always happy to be of service," replied the prince, straight-faced as he curtsied low in his pink under-shorts. Then he began to laugh too. He fell to his knees, face red, arms wrapped around his midsection. Within moments, he lay on his side, doubled up mirthfully, laughing uncontrollably on the Enchanted Forest's grassy carpet.

By now, Sunbeam had given up trying to protect Angie, and she and Sylvester hugged themselves and each other as they rolled on the forest floor laughing. Even the trees laughed, making sounds like the wind on a stormy night whistling to a brook babbling its secrets.

Finally, when laughter, tinkling, whistling and babbling subsided, Angie said, "Perhaps we can assist you, Prince Alfredric. What is it you seek in the Enchanted Forest?"

"My father sent me to find a bride, but alas, even if a suitable princess presented herself, for some reason, maidens never take me seriously. They always laugh at me."

"Small wonder, dressed as you are," said Sylvester with a smirk. Sunbeam giggled.

"Well, you have brightened my day," said Angie. "And I would like to help you with your quest, but I know of no available brides in the Enchanted Forest. Who told you to come this way?"

"He did not give his name, but he wore a pointed hat, and a silver cape," replied the prince. "He was a gray-haired, older gentleman, very helpful. After talking to him, I was in high spirits, quite confident of success. So confident, indeed, that I just set off without even knowing my destination."

"Tamarik," said Angie. "What you seek must be further down the path. You could try the nut factory. Sylvester, what do you think?"

"I can't think of any eligible princesses at the nut factory," replied Sylvester. "But Tamarik always tells the truth even though his meanings aren't always clear. Maybe your destination is beyond the Enchanted Forest. This path also skirts Glimmer Lake and passes through the Enchanted Bog. Just be careful not to leave the path for any reason if you pass through the bog. Sunbeam, what do you think?"

"WELL, I don't know what Tamarik IS up to, but Troll Town lies beyond the Enchanted Bog," said Sunbeam. "I KNOW for a fact that there ARE NO brides for YOU in Troll Town, stranger. So, if you see a black, stone wall arching over the path, turn around, quickly. You have gone too far."

"Thank you for your help," said the prince. "Now, I must be off to seek my bride. Farewell!" And with these words, Prince Alfredric donned his barrel and red suspenders, then strode resolutely down the path toward the nut factory.

"WELL, I don't know WHAT this world IS coming to," said Sunbeam as the prince disappeared behind the hill. "You'd think they'd have stricter quality control for princes."

"Well, I like him," said Angie. "He's funny. And for a human, he isn't bad looking."

* * *

The next morning, as the bright sun shone down and Angie chatted with Sunbeam, the nut factory whistle blew, signalling the start of another work week. They talked about Angie's recovery for awhile, then Sunbeam asked, "Doesn't Sylvester know ANYTHING? I mean, they should've caught that troll by now. Why, I can remember when...."

Sunbeam halted abruptly in mid-sentence and stared openmouthed as Prince Alfredric's head and shoulders bobbed up from behind the nearby hill. Angie turned with a chiming tinkle and stared too. The prince crested the hill. He was filthy, covered with a fine, brown powder. His hair was disheveled with brown bits scattered and stuck in his long brown locks. His barrel and suspenders were encased in chocolate brown grime.

"Excuse me again, ladies," said the prince, shaking hard brown bits from his hair with his fingers as he spoke. "Sylvester said there was a stream near here that I could use."

"What happened to you?" asked Angie.

"I'm certain it was just another misunderstanding," replied the prince. "At the nut factory when I asked for directions to the available princesses, a kind gentleman told me to stand outside, beside a locked door. He said to be patient. The princesses would come out in the morning. So, I stood guard at the locked door all night, but when the sun rose, no one came out. Well, I know that princesses need extra time to make themselves presentable, so I waited. I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew, a loud whistle startled me awake. Ah, I thought. The whistle must announce the princesses. So I stood up straight and tall beside their doorway. That's when I heard it."

"Heard what?" asked Angie.

"A sound like rushing, roaring water high above me," replied the prince. "I looked up just in time to be buried beneath a pile of this brown stuff you see all over me. When I climbed out, Sylvester was standing there with his hand covering his mouth. I think he had a cough or something because he kept turning away and making choking noises. Very considerate. Probably didn't want me to catch what he had."

The girls exchanged a secret glance, but it was too late. Sunbeam's composure was gone. She turned her back to the prince, bent over, and made a strangled choking sound.

"Oh dear," said the prince. "I sincerely hope that you don't have it too."

Sunbeam gasped for air, emitting another choking sound.

Angie quickly interceded. "There's a bug going around. Nothing serious."

Still another gagging sound escaped from Sunbeam.

"You know, that's what Sylvester finally said after he stopped coughing," continued the prince. "He also said not to worry about this brown stuff because it's only ground-up nutshells. Now could you ladies PLEASE direct me to the stream? I...ummm, itch."

"Oh, you poor man," said Angie. "The stream lies beyond the sunlit clearing."

"You are so kind," replied the prince. "Too bad that you are not a princess."

"I am only a crushed, broken flower, as you can plainly see," said Angie.

"Yet your beauty shines through for all to see," countered the prince.

"Thank you for the compliment, Your Grace," said Angie.

"You're welcome, but I only speak the obvious truth. Now I must bathe and pursue my quest beyond the Enchanted Forest," said the prince, turning toward the sunlit clearing.

"Be careful!" exclaimed Angie as the prince walked away shaking brown bits from his ear.

"Farewell!" exclaimed Sunbeam, Sylvester and Angie together as the prince entered the sunlit clearing. When their words reached him, he turned to face them and curtsied low, barrel and all.

* * *

The next morning, just after the bright sun rose to greet a new day, Tamarik crested the nearby hill and waved to Sylvester, Sunbeam, and Angie. As he closed the distance between them, he said, "Good morning my friends. Hope you like surprises because I have one."

"I LOVE surprises," chimed Sunbeam. "What did you bring?"

"I have brought a promise," replied Tamarik. "Master Dio will grant a wish to the first one who asks."

"Oh GOODY! I wish...." began Sunbeam, but she suddenly stopped and looked first at Sylvester, then Tamarik.

Sylvester said, "I think Master Dio means for Angie to have the wish." Sunbeam nodded, and Tamarik smiled.

"Well, give me a minute to think," said Angie, and just then, Prince Alfredric crested the nearest hill. He had a woeful expression on his face, and he was covered up to his armpits with gooey, black swamp-mud. His red suspenders still supported the mud encrusted barrel, but as the prince approached, the stench of rotting swamp preceded him. "Oh my goodness!" squeaked Angie. "What happened this time?"

"When I reached the Enchanted Bog, I heard a princess calling out to me for help," explained the prince. "But as soon as I left the path, I began sinking into black ooze. You couldn't see it until it was too late. Fortunately, a ferocious tiger and a zephyr happened by. I had a touchy moment because I didn't know if the tiger was rescuing me just to eat me later, but it turns out they were friends of yours, and they pulled me out before I sank into oblivion."

"Tigger and Whishee," exclaimed Angie.

"Yes, those were their names," said the prince. "Angie, you have friends EVERYWHERE! I wish...."

"Wait!" yelled Tamarik, Sylvester and Sunbeam simultaneously.

"What's wrong?" asked the prince. "I just wish Angie were an eligible princess."

"NOW you've DONE IT! You've STOLEN Angie's wish!" shouted Sunbeam, but she was too late. A loud poof and a cloud of smoke heralded the new arrival. Everyone turned to where Angie had been, but standing in her place was a grrly grrl with long brown hair and hazel colored eyes. She was all decked out like a princess, sequined chiffon gown with all the trimmings.

"Oh my goodness," said Angie, looking down at Sylvester from her five-foot-five-inch height."I feel different....really strange."

But the prince didn't hesitate. He knew just what to do. He took Angie in his muddy arms, kissed her and said, "I'm in love! You ARE a ravishing princess. Marry me!"

"Now hold on just a sec, big guy," said Angie. "It is true that I like you, and you do make me laugh, but I've been a grrl for less than a minute, and I don't think that I should just jump into marriage with the first man I meet. And you did steal my wish. What are you going to do about that?"

"Oh, you are even stronger willed than MOTHER!" exclaimed the prince. "Oh, my beloved. You are so right. I shall build you a castle, and then I shall court you and win your favor."

"OK, a castle sounds good for openers," replied Angie. "Build it right here, but first all my leafy friends must be safely transplanted."

"Your wish is my command, my beloved."

"Well, that takes care of my future residence, but where shall I live while the castle is being built?"

"I shall put you up in my father's castle," replied the prince.

"Oh, no, Your Princeness, I don't want to be obligated for your generosity. Tamarik, is there room for me at Castle Smoke while the prince builds my castle?"

"Of course, princess," replied Tamarik.

"Ummm, last week Whishee was trying to tell me all about hot Thracian blood," said Angie. "Tamarik, do you suppose you might be able to enlighten me on that subject while I am your guest?"

"It shall be my pleasure, Angelique," replied Tamarik with a grin.

"And Sunbeam, could you do something with my hair?" asked Angie.

"Sure, Angie. What would you like?"

"Well, I kinda liked the look I had. You know, maybe we could dye it purple and spike it to look like my purple petals. Sylvester, what do you know about piercings and body art?"

* * *

"So THAT'S why all my alarms sounded when the wish was spoken," said Dio as he and Tamarik sat on Dio's treetop platform, their feet dangling over the side.

"Yes, Master Dio. I'm afraid so," replied Tamarik. "Apparently the happy endings we remember from our youth are only whimsical nostalgia. Passe is the term, I believe."

"But Angie is happy, isn't she?" asked Dio.

"Even though she never would have wished humanity upon herself, she is having a ball," replied Tamarik. "So at least that part of the happy ending is holding up."

What about this plot against me?" asked Dio.

"Well, it wasn't so much a plot as an attempted financial coup," said Tamarik. "You see, Org was counting on your renowned temper to destroy the mountain trolls if they stirred up enough trouble. Then he wouldn't have to pay the trolls, and you would owe him. I believe he had his eye on the wood nymphs that live in the far corner of the Enchanted Forest. A clever fiat accompli, reverse the debt and receive nymphs for trolls."

"Aha!" exclaimed Dio.

"Now Org is scrambling to pay his trolls," continued Tamarik. "I sent them all back with 'job well done' reports."

"Tell me, my friend, is my temper really that bad?"

"Master Dio, all your subjects know that you are really a pussycat, but rumors circulating outside your kingdom keep the outsiders guessing."

"What happened to the troll leader that hurt Angie?" asked Dio. "A little bird told me that you said he couldn't be punished. What became of justice?"

"Ah, justice, my sternest taskmaster," replied Tamarik with a smile. "My actual words were to the effect that the troll couldn't be punished for being a troll. So I used his trollness against him."

"Now, that's what I like about you. There is always more than meets the eye," said Dio, returning Tamarik's smile. "Tell me your tale."

"Not much to tell," replied Tamarik. "You know my friend Venus Flytrap, the giant pitcher plant who lives across the valley near the Enchanted Bog?"

"Sure do. She keeps the vermin down."

"Well, I leaked word to our troll that there was another pretty flower living beside the Enchanted Path, and he set out forthwith to ruin another beauty. Did you know that mountain trolls are Venus Flytrap's favorite snack?"


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